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2X The Big Zero

An Energy Harvesting Double Rocking Chair using Upcycled Materials



This re-interpretation and re-use of Eames rocking chairs extends social relations to interacting forces between human and the environment. This mold of plastic dates back to the 1950s and sits in corners of living rooms, garages, and landfills. They are collected and installed on the base.

The rocking wood base will fit two recycled plastic chair shells. The wood base is atively bended by the drying process, which is programmed by algrithom. The way it is assembled will customize the sizing of the massively manufactured chair products created 70 years ago. And, with the kinetics it allows, the furniture piece will generate energy that finally compensates for the use. Nobody knows how long the plastic chair last. But we want to keep it serving as long as possible for a net zero future.


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