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Playful Smoothness

Reconfigurable Clay Print Module Assemblies​


Team: Yiqing Wang, Haitao Sun

The printed clay module explores reconfigurable curves for interlocking assemblies for almost any building component.


The printed clay module design calibrates a set of continuous curves that can form reconfigurable assemblies. The outer surfaces interlock in different orientations to function as walls, columns, staircases, furniture, and more. As the bricks jam together in multiple ways, they stabilize each other. They can be dry-jointed with airtightness and structural integrity to resolve building conditions like stacked walls, corners, and cantilevers. All the bricks are identical, while the form itself opens ultimate possibilities in assemblies. 

We printed several groups of these bricks in rural Taizhou with a machine built on-site. The clay was locally sourced, and the clay mix was adjusted based on the shrinkage after firing. The customized infill toolpath design allows the material to resist forces.

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